• Wear your bandage for at least 6 hours. We usually wear our bandages overnight. Once the bandage is removed, gently hand wash your tattoo with warm water and soap.
  • Keep the tattoo clean and relatively clean and dry, which means it doesn't matter if your tattoo gets wet in the shower, but you can't soak it in the tub. 
  • Once the tattoo starts to peel, you can use a non-fragrant water based lotion to ease the itching and help the new skin stay flexible. This is the least important part of the healing process, so don't go crazy, just a dab will do ya.
  • Keep your new tattoo out of the sun for the first few weeks. New tattoos are prone to sunburn and fading. 
  • Please don't pick or scratch it during the healing process. We know what it looks like when a tattoo has been picked!

If you are unsure of what to do or something looks weird, call us first.

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