SUNDAY - Tuesday: 12 - 6

Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 8

find us at 1229 dundas west


CASH ONLY - $100 minimum charge - NO PIERCING - No Finger tattoos - no white ink tattoos - MUST BE 18 years old

How to Book an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment, the best way to do that is to contact the artist you would like to get tattooed by directly. You can find all of their contact information below as well as links to their personal Instagram pages where you can view all of their most recent work. If you prefer to do a walk-in all of the artists walk-in days are listed below as well.


Eric Newstead

Walk-ins on Fridays

EMAIL: newstead13@mac.com

INSTAGRAM: @tattooer_ericnewstead

Kyle Hollingdrake

Walk-ins on Thursdays

EMAIL: dimegaptatts@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @lazer_wizard

Chris Winsor (high Tech)

Walk-ins on Mondays.

EMAIL: chriswinsortattoo@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @chriswinsortattoo

Nathan Draper

Walk-ins on Sundays

EMAIL: nathandrapertattoo@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @mrdraper_tl

Chris soupourmas

Walk-ins on Saturdays

EMAIL: soupourmastattoo@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @chrissoupourmas

After care instructions

  • Wear your bandage for at least 6 hours. We usually wear our bandages until the morning after being tattooed. Once the bandage is removed, gently hand-wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap.

  • Keep the tattoo clean and relatively dry - it can get a little wet in the shower but you can’t soak it in the tub.

  • Once the tattoo starts to peel lightly, you can use a non-scented white lotion. This is the least important part of the healing process. If you don’t feel the lotion is necessary, don’t use it. Lotion keeps the scab flexible and helps the itch, so if it isn’t stiff or itchy don’t bother. It will heal faster if you don’t touch it.

  • Avoid direct sun for the first two weeks.

  • Avoid submerging your tattoo in any type of water for the first two weeks.

  • No picking or scratching at your tattoo.

    If you have any questions or something weird is happening, Contact us first.


There is ample street parking around the shop, as well as a Green P lot one block north on Harrison St. Be advised that Dundas is a busy street and parking is strictly enforced. Make sure to mind the hours posted on the parking signs in the area.

Contact Info

This email and phone number are only to be used for general inquiries. Please use the artists direct emails regarding tattoos and appointments.


Phone 416-551-7003