Taking care of a new tattoo is easy.

  • You will be bandaged after you get tattooed. You should wear it for 6-10 hours, but we recommend you wear your bandage overnight.

  • When you take the bandage off, make sure to give it a thorough wash with unscented soap and warm water. 

  • Over the course of the next few days you will notice that your new tattoo will get quite stiff and dry. Tattoos in this stage often become quite itchy. Keep your hands off it, and above all else do not pick the scab. We know what a picked tattoo looks like.

  • If you are really going bonkers, you can put a small amount of fragrance free moisturizer on your tattoo a few times a day.

  • New tattoos are quite vulnerable to the sun. They will sunburn like crazy, so do yourself a favour and keep them covered until they are fully healed. This usually takes 2-3 weeks and it is worth taking into consideration when booking your next vacation.

  • New tattoos also need to be kept pretty dry while they are healing, so please stay out of the tub/pool/river/lake/ocean until your tattoo is healed. You may have a shower, we even recommend one from time to time, but you need to be quick about it. Tattoos do not like prolonged soaking.